1. Who is Vancouver Corporate Yoga?

At Vancouver Corporate Yoga, we specialize in Yoga and Pilates. We are locally owned and operated in Vancouver, BC.  Owner and fellow Yoga teacher, Sunny Trim, has been specializing in Corporate Yoga for over 10 years.  All of our fabulous teachers are hand picked by the owner through a rigorous screening process.  All of our teachers are fully certified and insured and are highly trained professionals. Our high standards ensure that we employ only the very BEST teachers in Vancouver. All of our teachers are trained in other modalities too (such as massage therapy, nutrition, Chinese medicine, dance, etc.) which relate either to Yoga or Pilates, giving you a more enriched and deeper practice.

We offer our classes to businesses and organizations throughout the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey…).  We work very closely with all of our clients and teachers as a close knit community.  If a substitute teacher is needed for your class, you’ll often see the owner, Sunny, coming in to teach it just to stay connected to the company and the students.  Sorry, we do not offer classes outside of the Lower Mainland as this would not give us the closeness that we feel all of our clients and teachers truly deserve.

As well as offering onsite classes throughout the Lower Mainland, we also have a Yoga & Pilates studio located in the heart of the business district in downtown Vancouver.  Our studio is open to the public.  Please come and join us for a class any time.  Your first class is free (for local residents only)!

2. How qualified are your teachers?

It is very important to us that all of our teachers have completed a minimum of a 200 hour Teacher Training Course in their fields. Most of our teachers have 500+ hours of training.  We do not employ “fitness” trainers or those who have completed less than a 200 hour Teacher Training Course.  And we do not hire teachers with limited experience.

At Vancouver Corporate Yoga, we will only bring you the very BEST and most dedicated Yoga and Pilates professionals. Please visit our Client Reviews page for a very extensive list of comments about our wonderful teachers.

3. What do we wear?

Please wear non-constrictive clothing that will move easily. Try to avoid clothing with zippers, buttons, snaps and draw strings. And if you’re going to wear shorts, please make sure they are lined and wear underwear with them.

4. Do you have change rooms?

Yes, we do.

5. Do we need to bring anything else?

You can bring a water bottle if you wish.

6. I’m a beginner. What are the best classes for me?

The best classes for beginners are the Hatha Yoga and the Candlelight Hatha Yoga classes.

7. Do you rent yoga mats?

Yes, we rent mats for $1.

8. Can I leave my yoga mat at your studio?

Yes, you can leave your mat at the studio, no charge.

9. What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept cash and cheques.

10. What time should I come to class?

Try to come 10 to 15 minutes early if you can.

11. Do you keep the door unlocked, if I’m running late?

Yes, we always keep the door open for 15 minutes after the classes begin just in case you’re running a bit late. Just come in quietly and don’t unroll your yoga mat until centering is over.

12. Is your yoga studio open to the public?

Yes, the studio, located in the Royal Centre Mall is open to the public.

13. I’m pregnant.  Can I come to your classes?

Congratulations!  But we do recommend that you attend prenatal Yoga classes instead of our classes.  Some of our teachers are prenatal certified but not all of them.  We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in a class that may be too much for your body at this precious time.

14. Why are your rates so low?

We believe that everybody should do yoga so we make our rates affordable for everyone.